Changes Inside

CD Cover Changes Inside

Brilliant, rich sounding jazz compositions of the Duo Spencer Blume for vibraphone and piano. Melodic, complementary music with an impressively clear, characteristic timbre: diverse, quiet, moving, graceful, present, dynamic.

Press Review

Julie Spencer and Gernot Blume have created a CD stunning in its gracefulness, subtlety and power. In looking at the many successes of this work one is immediately struck by the fact that these two highly developed composers were improvising with crystalline clarity, blurring the relationship between the written score and the improvised statements. This CD also blends World Musics, Blues and Jazz, and European classical music in a way that speaks of hard earned lessons in understanding the uniqueness of each of these languages and their ability to co-exist on a new cultural plane. This approach to art is perhaps one of the most significant contributions to the furthering of a new modern musical aesthetic. James Newton, Composer, Flutist, Professor for Music
University of California, Irvine, USA
“Spencer is an especially lyrical player who gets a warm, round sound from her instrument; On “Flying” she pulls off the fastest runs with effortless finesse, while “Love Is Patient” show her penchant for making the most from a few well-chosen notes. With her gift for melody, the lines between what is composed and what is improvised become blurred, and throughout the CD the music’s emotion transcends any specific techniques involved.
To say that Blume’s playing perfectly complements Spencer’s is not to suggest that they are musical twins. Rather, they each bring their own personality to the music, and while they often reinforce, they also challenge and contrast each other’s musical statements, providing a healthy sense of tension and release that keeps the music vital and raises it far above the merely pretty sounding background music that is so much in vogue these days.” Rick Mattingly, Percussive Notes, April 1996