Colors Of the Soul

CD Cover Colors Of the Soul

Classical North Indian traditional music-system with cross-cultural aspects - the new arrangements of this old repertoire convey a completely different notion of time and space: fascinating, diverse, meditative, inspiring, full of contrasts, lively, attractive.

“That which colors the soul”, is roughly translated the meaning of the term “Raga”, which describes a piece of classical Indian music.

“Colors of the Soul” is a live concert-recording of the event series “Music in the Museum” from November 19th, 2004 in the Historic Museum on the River, Bingen/Rhein. The Raguitar (electric guitar) was developed by Gernot Blume and adapted for Indian music. The strings are reordered and plucked with a traditional sitar pick. The sitar is the best known North Indian plucked lute instrument. Graceful, homogenous sound energy curves invite to a journey to different musical dimensions.

New music!

Tracks: Colors Of the Soul · Classical Ragas of North India

  1. Raga Puriya Kalyan (Sitar)
    Alap (non-rhythmic introduction)
    Jor (onset of pulse, but without measure or metric unit)
    Jhala (rhythmic, intense climax)
  2. Raga Puriya Kalyan (Sitar/Tabla)
    Gat, composition in a rhythmic cycle
    Teental, 16 beats
  3. Raga Bageshree (Surbahar)
    Alap / Jor / Jhala
  4. Raga Jog (Raguitar/Tabla)
    Alap / Gat, composition in a rhythmic cycle
    Keherwa, 8 beats
  5. Raga Hansadhvani (Sitar/Tabla)
    Alap / Gat, composition in a rhythmic cycle
    Sitarkhani, 16 beats

Total Playing Time: 56:45 min

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