Lost And Found

CD Cover Lost And Found

Multiinstrumental sound-spectacle through all cultures and musical directions: global, pan-aesthetic multi-stylistic intercultural. Gernot Blume, Julie Spencer, and the ensemble “Colored Fish”, Dan Morris and Pedro Eustache, are crossing all boundaries.

The instruments:

Julie Spencer: marimba • prepared marimba • mallet KAT • synthesizer • cow bells • piano • plastik tubes • voice • vibraphon • percussion

Gernot Blume: accordeon • mandoloncello • church organ • Synthesizer • guitar • sitar

Pedro Eustache: flute • bass clarinet • bass flute • tenor saxophon

Dan Morris: drums • dumbek • mridangam

Press Review

The listener encounters a beautifully melodic and swinging Affirmation, but also a harmonically adventurous free and pulsating Black Box Blues, the former with the bass clarinet singing to synthesizer and electronic bass, the latter with tenor saxophone, percussion and accordion. In between Blume presents Images, an impression on a church organ, which evokes summertime bird song, or Spencer Green Seconds Flashing, a solo piece on marimba, the main instrument of the exceptional musician, and again Blume with the pastoral solo composition Anjou on classical guitar. In Being Blume finally melts the modal sound colors of north Indian sitar with Western harmonies - with bass flute, percussion, sitar, synthesizer and marimba. The surprise is that the combination does not appear at all arbitrary, but retains logical unity within the musical diversity. Klaus Mümpfer, www.jazzpages.com