Now where? Heine Songs

CD Cover Jetzt wohin? - Heine Songs

With this literary project Blume and Spencer investigate the color palette of the voice in the style of ballads, jazz, art songs, folk, cabaret and theatre, in order to give new expression to the sharp intellect, the social and political commentary, and the extroverted personal style of Heinrich Heine’s autobiographically rooted texts. Heine’s words still resonate today with astonishingly timeless meaning beyond the boundaries of state, culture, and genre, since Heine himself lived, as do the two composers of these songs, in between different worlds.

The project "Now Where? - Heine Songs" was created at the occasion of the great German poet's 150th death anniversary in 2006.
The two musicians and composers Gernot Blume & Julie Spencer wrote 17 new settings to poems by Heinrich Heine.